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The VetstreamTV Inaugural Film Festival

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December 1 -3, 2023
American Legion Post 283
15247 La Cruz Drive
Los Angeles, California 


Immerse yourself in a cinematic tapestry where the creative spirit of our veterans takes center stage. The VetStreamTV Film Festival will showcases a rich array of films, from poignant tales of service and sacrifice to captivating stories spanning genres and themes. With works both about the veteran experience and those birthed from the imaginative minds of veteran filmmakers, we celebrate the vast talents of those who've served. Join us in this unique blend of storytelling prowess and heartfelt homage. Whether you're a filmmaker eager to share your vision or an audience member ready audience member ready to be enthralled, be part of this unforgettable showcase. Submit your film, become a sponsor, and  book your seat now.

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